The I, Q Series

I, Q: Michael teams up with award-winning author Roland Smith to continue the I, Q series!

I, QStepsiblings Quest (Q) and Angela are touring the country with Match, their parents’ music group. Riding around in a big tricked out tour bus is not all its cracked up to be. But when a mysterious roadie named Boone and his strange dog Croc, join the tour, the trip gets a lot more exciting. Q wants to be a magician. Angela wants to work in the United States Secret Service like her mother Malak, who died in the line of duty. On the first tour stop in Philadelphia, Angela learns something that turns her world upside down. And Q is shocked to find out that everyone around him has secrets. Especially Boone.

From Independence Hall in Philadelphia to the gates of the Alamo in San Antonio, Q and Angela are drawn into a web of intrigue that has international implications. They must use every ounce of their intelligence and guile to stay ahead of the ghost cell. A group of terrorists so deeply embedded on American soil, that their very existence is in doubt.

But they are real. And now Q and Angela must figure out whom to trust in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

The First Three I, Q Books

To catch up on the story so far, click here. SPOILER ALERT. This link leads to a page that will reveal what has happened in the first three books, I, Q: Independence Hall, I, Q: The White House and I, Q: Kitty Hawk. If you have not read the first three books, be aware that there are SPOILERS on the other side of this link. If you want a reminder of what has happened so far, because you've read the first three books, no problem. But if you haven't read them... you've been warned. (And don't forget about the SPOILERS!)

I, Q: The Alamo

Book 4 of the I, Q series

In I, Q: The Alamo, Smith and Spradlin take Quest Munoz and his stepsister Angela Tucker on their next thrilling adventure. They’ve just helped the mysterious roadie Tyrone Boone—and his ever-present dog Croc—thwart the Ghost Cell in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Now Q and Angela follow their parent’s concert tour to San Antonio, the home of the Alamo.

And once in San Antonio, Angela and Quest are again drawn into a tangled web of intrigue. The Ghost Cell has plans to strike in San Antonio and Boone wants Q and Angela to sit on the sidelines as he and his SOS crew frantically try to stop another terrorist strike. But the danger runs deep in the heart of Texas and the ghost cell always seems be a step ahead of them. Besides, it’s hard to stay out of trouble, when trouble keeps finding you.

Things are further complicated by the unexpected appearance of someone from Q’s past. And while Angela frets over the safety of someone very close to her, the two spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they can about Boone and his past. Because no matter what he says, things just don’t add up.

In I, Q: The Alamo, Q and Angela follow a trail of danger, suspense and intrigue as they race to stop the ghost cell from striking at the very heart of their lives. With their family in danger and not sure who to trust, they must take every step with speed and precision.

For the next step they take could be their last!

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I, Q: The Alamo is available in the following formats:

ISBN: 6256158305842

July 1, 2013


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I, Q: Windy City

Book 5 of the I, Q series

After Q and Angela help foil a Ghost Cell plot in San Antonio, they head to Chicago, the next stop on the Match tour. Since they’ve been busy fighting international terrorism, they’re behind on their school assignments. Their parents tell them if they don’t get caught up, it’s off to boarding school. But who can concentrate on homework when there is a mystery to solve and international terrorism to thwart? Angela is obsessed with finding out more about the mysterious Boone. Q is more interested in not going to boarding school. But when Boone and his SOS crew are ambushed on their way to Chicago, it becomes abundantly clear. Someone inside their inner circle is feeding the Ghost Cell information. As they dig ever deeper to learn the identity of the mole, Angela and Q uncover the Ghost Cell’s next plot. And it’s much, much worse than a car bomb. They plan to unleash a chemical weapon over the skies of Chicago. And it’s up to Angela and Q, along with Boone and Croc, to stop them.

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I, Q: Windy City is available in the following formats:

ISBN: 978-1585368235

January 1, 2014


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I, Q: Alcatraz

Book 6 of the I, Q series

With the nation reeling from the recent terrorist attacks, Q and Angela leave Chicago and arrive in San Francisco. Their parents are determined to continue the Match tour but for safety’s sake, they have decided to send Q and Angela to boarding school. Not happy at the thought of being taken off the trail of the ghost cell, Q and Angela race against time with Boone and the SOS team to find Number One, the leader of the world’s most feared terrorist organization. It’s the final showdown.

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I, Q: Alcatraz is available in the following formats:

ISBN: 978-1585368259

September 1, 2014


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