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The Monster AlphabetThe Monster Alphabet

August 17, 2012
Price, Stern, Sloan
Illustrated by Jeff Weigel
Hardcover Edition shown at left

ISBN-10: 0843169842
ISBN-13: 978-0843169843

From the Abominable Snowman to brain-eating zombies, this book will take you on a frighteningly fun journey through the alphabet!

The New York Times Bestselling Team of Michael Spradlin and Jeff Weigel take young readers on a voyage around the world with the intrepid monster hunter Morgan Marvin Marshall as he searches the globe for a monster to match every letter of the alphabet! Whether it’s Abominable Snowman high in the mountains of Nepal, or the fearsome Kraken deep in the Ocean, Marvin finds his monsters in all kinds of clever ways.

With delightfully playful illustrations done in brilliant colors and playful rhythmic text, Morgan helps young readers learn the alphabet all the while proving that monsters aren’t really so scary after all. See some images of the book below and pre-order a copy from you favorite bookseller.

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A for Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman

In Nepal we’ll ski through snow caves where this hairy best resides.
If we’re quiet and bring goodies, he’ll come out from where he hides.


S for Sasquatch


When you are in the Cascade Mountains, look closely at the ground.
Do you see gigantic footprints? Then Sasquatch is around!


Z for Zombies


Zombies mostly roam at night and are called the “living dead.”
They will try to chase you down and eat the brains straight from your head!


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