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Inning #9: Last Inning!

This has been fun! Lots of people like to email me instead of commenting, and I really do respect that. Thanks for all the emails and thanks for all the comments! But we are here, folks: Baseball From A to Z is now in stores! This is the last inning of my Baseball blog contest to help bring attention to this book I love about this pastime I love. And the illustrations are just great… I’m just sayin’.

So here at the end of the game we have one more shot at a winning pitch for someone. Leave me a comment about ANYTHING on my site. Baseball, Templars, The Pony Express… anything. Or become a fan on Facebook and be sure to drop a comment down here that says “Became a fan” so I know you got there from here. If you comment and become a fan you can be entered twice. Getting free books have never been so easy!

Thanks for being a part of this Baseball From A to Z!


  1. The Youngest Templar series has become one of my favorite books. And it is so refreshing to read something that doesn’t twist anything in the Christian faith but is really factual. I also like how the characters do the right thing and have such morals to only do the right thing and this book promotes these morals. The characters don’t do the wrong thing to get what they want which is something you don’t read about evey day in books. It also has great action and story telling.

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