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Need A Gift For Father’s Day? I Am Here To Help!

But not just any t-shirts! T-shirts created and designed by me and Illustrator/Designer extraordinaire Jeff Wiegel. T-shirts that will make any father of any age 1) Laugh 2) Thank you profusely and 3) Be really happy! All of our t-shirts are available in sizes from XS to 5XL and in roughly two dozen colors. You can even customize the design and placement of the image! You just can’t beat it. For an overview of ALL the t-shirts we have available, click here!

So without  further ado:

Know a dad who is a history lover? Social studies teacher? Reads big, thick biographies of obscure Civil War generals? If so they need a ‘Civil War Buff’ t-shirt. Available in a design with General Grant or General Lee.

How about a Dad who has a really great sense of humor? Or has visited the Arctic Circle and seen two polar bears in the wild? In that case, the ‘Bi-Polar’ t-shirt is for them!

Does Dad like Pirates? Has he already been to see Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides seven times? If so, he needs a ‘Got Rum?’ t-shirt. (And okay, he should really have a copy of Pirate Haiku, also. Sorry. Can’t help myself).

Is the Dad on your list into computers? Then he needs a ‘Spambot’ t-shirt.

And if you know a Dad who loves horror movies and zombies, who thinks George Romero should be elected President then check out one of our zombie themed t-shirts! My personal favorite is ‘Always Double Tap’.

There you have it! A gift for any and every Dad!

You’re welcome!

Your Authorness,

Michael P. Spradlin

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