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Have You Been Pining Away For The Third Spy Goddess Book?

Over the years, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from Spy Goddess fans. Most of them begging me to know when the third book in the series was going to be available. For a long time I had no answer. The story went like this.

Author writes first book SPY GODDESS: LIVE AND LET SHOP. Gets great reviews. A nomination from Mystery Writers of America for Best Young Adult Mystery. Fans rejoice.

Author writes second book SPY GODDESS: TO HAWAII, WITH LOVE. More great reviews. More fan rejoicing.

Author writes third book SPY GODDESS: THE SPY WHO TOTALLY HAD A CRUSH ON ME and…the publisher says “Sorry no more Spy Goddess novels.”


We try a couple of Manga versions of Spy Goddess to see if that will work. It doesn’t. And I get angry letters from readers who ‘hate’ manga and actually ‘curse’ me for turning their beloved novels into ‘cartoons’.

So the manuscript sits there lonely on my hard drive, yearning to breathe free. Fans continue to email and send letters. Actual hand-written letters, asking me when the next book will be out. And all I can tell them is there won’t be another book.

Except now there is. While all of this time passed, these things like I-Pads and Nooks and Kindles and Kobo’s and Lions and Tigers and Bears started cropping up all over the place. And I started thinking, I bet if I could put SPY GODDESS: THE SPY WHO TOTALLY HAD A CRUSH ON ME out as an ebook, people would buy it. So will they? Time will tell. But if you’ve been waiting for more adventures of Rachel Buchanan and Mr. Kim and Blackthorn Academy this new book picks up right where SPY GODDESS: TO HAWAII, WITH LOVE left off. For all intents and purposes the Manga never happened. Never. Happened.

I’m considering this as an experiment. If it works, then more Spy Goddess books could follow. I hope you’ll pick up…err…download a copy (I’ll never get used to saying that) and let me know what you think.

And tell all your friends!

Your authorness!

Michael P. Spradlin

PS For those of you who don’t have an e-reader, fear not, follow this link and you can download a PDF that you read on a computer!



  1. Mr. Spradlin,

    I am a 6th grader who got turned on to your Spy Goddess books by the media specialist at my school. I searched everywhere for the third book and finally downloaded it in my dad’s Kindle. It’s strange reasons on a Kindle, but I’ll get used to it if it is the only way yo read your latest book. I sure hope you continue the series!


    1. Chloe,
      Thank you for searching out the SPY WHO TOTALLY HAD A CRUSH ON ME. I hope you enjoyed it and if you can help spread the word about Spy Goddess, I’ll be able to do more books!

      Thanks and keep reading!
      Michael P. Spradlin

      1. you know me! im the chick whos been sending u emails to write more spy goddess novels! PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS WRITE MORE SPY GODDESS BOOKS! i mean come on man! it might not seem like it but u got a buntch of fans all going we want more spy goddess! we want more spy goddess! so get your hiney on that chair and start typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean come on leaving us right when the freakin bomb explodes?! what did we the fans ever do to u to deserve this punishment???? WRITE MORE SPY GODDESS NOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Geez, I just finished the third book and you cant end a series like that! if you cant finish the series because of finance or whatever business related issue then just write a epiloque or short story summoning up where the third book ended and ending the story with Rachel and her friends lost the battle but the war is beginning kinda stuff! We just want to know what happened to the school because clearly Rachel will be on this journey for at least another year!!

  2. Releasing The Spy Who Totally Had A Crush On Me was definitely a good choice. I loved it!! Probably the best one in the series. The cliff hanger is unbearable though, so it would be really, really nice if you continued the series 🙂

  3. I, personally, don’t see why people would hate you for turning it into a manga. Even though I had never even LOOKED at manga or cartoons before, I still thought it was just as good as the novels. Those people had no idea WHAT they were talking about. 🙂

    Now, please excuse me while I beg my parents to let my buy the PDF file…. 😉

    1. I actually read the manga and loved it I’ve been searching everywhere to find a free download version of it but can’t do you mind making one?

  4. dear michael sradlin
    i loved you spy goddess series and bought myself a nook color so i could read the third one
    I am dying to see if you right a fourth one and maybe more. i can not live not knowing what happens. i am hoping you will right it and they will come out soon because the only thing i havent read is manga and i dont like them too much. So i especially anticipate the arrival of a fourth or maybe fifth. when im older i want to be a writer and your work makees me want to write more please write more books. Maybe you could even write one from pilar, brent or alex’s point of view?? i need more books PLEASE WRITE MORE

  5. plz make an actual 3 book i don’t like reading them from the comp. its annoying! plz i enjoy the actual books!

    1. Jenifer,
      Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, the author is not the one who gets to decide if a ‘real book’ is made or not. That is up to the publisher. In this case the publisher decided not to make more ‘real’ books. So my only choice is to do an ebook. I enjoy ‘real’ books myself, but in order to get the story out, this was my only option. I understand your frustration but I hope you will continue to support Spy Goddess!
      Thanks for writing…

  6. Mr. Spradlin,
    I had just started the spy goddess series a less than a week ago, when I realized with horor (yes, with horor, you can ask my dog if you don’t beleive me) that there will be no more books after The Spy that totally had a crush on me. Will there be any more published books, or will we just be waiting there to see if Brent is alive or not.

  7. Hi, Micheal
    i’ve been waiting anxiously for this book, and i read it, but when i got to the ending, i said “THAT”S IT!”

    now i’m anxiously waiting for your fourth book.


    1. I kno right!! How can it just end like that. I practically pulled my hair out when I saw “The End”!!
      you have to, have to, have to write the fourth book.
      I don’t want to wither away waiting for the book.

  8. I liked the Manga! Maybe because I’m just a Manga reader but I liked being able to “see” the characters rather than having to envision them. I thought it was an interesting twist to Spy Goddess by making it a Manga. I really hope you put out another Manga because I was just reading the second book and wished there was another!
    Anyway, I was soo happy when I found out about book 3. I couldn’t believe it! I was what like 15 or 16 when I read that book and now I’m older and still want to finish the series! I don’t like cliff hangers but dang you really had me on the edge of my seat. I would really like to know who the “rat” among the group is. I have a feelings it’s NOT Pilar, Alex, Brent, or Rachael. It’s definitely someone we’d LEAST expect. But I honestly enjoyed the book series and the manga. I think the angry Manga people were only upset that it wasn’t written like traditional Japanese manga’s(from right to left). Anyway PLEASE continue with the ebooks, it made my life a lot easier. And if Spy GOddess doesn’t continue as books please use another source *cough* blogs or fanfiction sites. PLEASE because I really want to know what’s going to happen!

    1. Lauren,
      Thank you for writing and for reading Spy Goddess. I love your idea for a fanfic site, however, I’m way to busy with other deadlines to take that up. I hope to be able to find time to write another Spy Goddess Ebook, but it will have to be after these other series are completed.

      In the meantime, I hope you will consider reading my Youngest Templar series. Although the main character is a boy, there is a young woman in the book who bears a striking likeness to Rachel Buchanan. Most of the SG readers I send to the Youngest Templar write back to tell me they have really enjoyed them.

      Also, one of my new projects is co-writing the next three books with author Roland Smith in his I,Q series. The books are spy thrillers about a boy, Q and his step-sister Angela who get involved in international intrigue. They’re fun, fast paced and if you liked SG, I think you would enjoy them.

      Thanks again for writing and reading my books. It’s always great to hear from enthusiastic readers…

  9. dear michael sradlin

    i do not have a nook or a kindle and my parents won’t let me put it on my computer. I really hoped that u could put it out as a book and not on the computer. I love the Spy Goddess series! I just started to read it this week and it is really great. Please put it out as a book. I am really looking forward to reading it in book form

  10. Mr. Spradlin! I apologize for my craziness, but sir I am a reader and I am obsessive over books. I bought the 3rd book on my kindle and I NEEEEEEEEDDDD a fourth. I will cry if there is no fourth.*spoiler* I mean the book ended leaving you wondering if they al DIED or not. I MEAN COME ON HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE A FOURTH BOOK!!!!!! I will personally take my ranting self up to your publishers doorstep and throw everything I got at him/her unless there is a fourth book. I mean it. ANYWAY. I love the series and I really hope for your publishers sake a fourth one comes out soon.
    Love your books!

    1. Welp. Six years later, and still no fourth book-and the third isn’t a physical book. I found myself searching frantically for those. Should we storm the publisher together? 😀

  11. So what’s wrong with the search for scepter-spy goddess volume 3. I think the drawings are really good and the story line.

  12. PLEASE MAKE A FOURTH SPYGODDESS BOOK. I read your mangas in 2 days! (one day each) they were ok. I personally would’ve made Pilar stay angry at Rachel AND Alex, I mean, the way Mr. Kim nitervened. Alex should’ve at least said something. And PLS stop dropping subtle hints of Alex and Rachel. I almost didn’t read the third book because of the summary, “is alex jealous?” no way. I will stop all the series if Alex breaks up with Pilar or Pilar and Brent die. I say you should make like, Pilar Simons ex-daughter but she ran away and now he fishes her AND Brent out of the water. You have to do that! and then make Pilar and Brent go to Blackenship as different Aliases, died hair. Colored contacts. You know. I’ve been thinking about writing a fanfic like this but it just won’t be the same if it doesn’t actually happen. I’m soooooo happy Brent finally kissed RACHEL!!!! Such a good touch. He. Can. Not. Die. And Pilar nor Brent nor Alex can be the traitor who gave the book away or what ever happened (I read it last year and I’m still into it.) I just HATE Rachel. A pain in the *ss. Pilar should’ve been the main character (she Brent and Alex are my favs.) I just hate how Alex is all lovey dovey with Rachel. Pilar should stay mad (but NOT break up. Thats a big no-no)

  13. I have to tell you that SG is THE best book I’ve ever read!!! I’ve never read a story that is exactly my taste like this one! So I have to admit that since I’ve finished the second book I searched amazon.com practically every day too see if the 3rd book was out yet, and I found the spy who totally had a crush on me like a miracle one day! Ever since then, I’ve been searching the same way for the 4th one, too. I really, truly, sincerely hope that the 4th book will be out soon! Thank you so much for being such an amazing writer^^

  14. Hey Mr. Spradlin,
    So I read all of your books in 2 and a half days. I got the first one from the library and I had to beg my mom to take me back so I could read the next one. Lol.. Ur books are like amazing! I just found out about them but ya ur books are very very very amazing! I ordered another series of books that you are co-writing with someone. I am very excited to read them. But please please please write another book. U absolutely have to! You can’t leave all of the readers who adore your books hanging for years. That’s cruel and unusual punishment! Haha kj, but I hope you get the point! Thank you for your work, and please PLEASSSEEEEEE write another book.

  15. You know I loved the manga I don’t know why people hate it. It did make me wonder though about Rachael and which boy she would end up with.

  16. I love the books waiting for many years for the 3rd then the heathcliff at the end horrid! Not happening! why did you do it? Well I love the antispation when i thought their would be a 4th and 5th book but still it cruel to just end a series like that. 🙁

  17. I actually really enjoyed the Manga and I just wanted to know if you can do a manga version of the series! I’m dying to read it! Actually, that’s why I picked it up in the first place XD. I saw the manga version and picked it up and I really enjoyed it!

  18. Dear Author,
    I would really appreciate it if you continued the series.Book three was incredible and should definitely not be stopped there .You are an incredible author and you passion and talent shouldn’t be wasted.I would be very happy to hear about a fourth book(and whether Brant wakes up from a coma)
    Sincerely ,

  19. Hello,
    I would like to tell you that I have really enjoyed reading your books. I found them to be very exciting. I think I read them faster then other stories because I just can’t stop reading.
    However, I might suggest someone to proofread. There are many
    Gramaticle errors, especially in the 3rd book. I also found a sentence or two that did not make sense.
    I look forward to reading a 4th book should there be one.
    Until then, I would just like to say happy writing.

  20. I understand that many people do not like you manga series, but I love it. You do not have to write another, but I would like you to know the experiment was not a fail. Maybe just maybe you can add more to the manga as a side project. People like me the people that make up the smaller haft of the fan base, who maybe read the normal book because of the manga so please maybe try.

  21. I…actually really LOVED the manga and I can’t pretend like it never happened because it was good. I didn’t read the book series because I was enjoying the manga so much, that I thought once I finished the manga I’ll jump to the series. Then I find this out, and I am so disappointed to hear about it. I’m surprised people disliked the manga version or why they were so mad about their characters being turned into manga characters. But to each their own. I honestly really just liked the manga version and wish that it continued and I’m kind of more interested in that then the book series-even though I’m a huge bookoholic. So kudos for still reaching out to your fans even with the publishing problem. I respect that and wish you luck. Wish there was more manga books for spy goddess but at least I got to read two, so thanks for those two manga books.

  22. Dear Michael, I think you may have been a bit ahead of the curve, ebook-wise. But it’s been a decade (!) and if you felt like returning to this series, I think the audience is there now for digital downloads. Plus, I for one have been feeling nostalgic during this pandemic for a simpler time and the books that made me happy when I was younger. I’m probably not alone. Rachel’s story makes for great escapism, so I hope you consider revisiting!

  23. Dear Mr. Spradlin,
    OMGGG!!! I CANNOT believe that you left the third book on the cliffhanger that you did! I just finished the third after I read all three books in less than two days, and hate that you left us with not knowing whether or not Brent lived. It is awesome that you FINALLY had him kiss Rachel, but you owe it to your readers to write a fourth book to finish the series off. It has been a decade since you put the books into ebook form, and because of the pandemic, it has given you a chance to finally write the fourth book for all of your COVID readers who are already feeling nostalgic, and don’t need you to add to it by not addressing your GINORMOUS cliffhanger. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE A FOIRTH BOOK!!!!!!
    A reader letting you know how all of your other SG readers feel 🙂

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