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Inning #7: Baseball Legends

Baseball is full of legends. Legendary players, stories too incredible to be true, and rumors… such thrilling drama sometimes surrounds the game. I have always loved reading the lore of baseball and learning the nuances of the game in different eras. It’s partly what led me to write Baseball From A to Z. But baseball … Continue reading Inning #7: Baseball Legends

Bottom of the Sixth!

We’re halfway through the sixth inning. Did you speak in baseball recently? Is your accent more Yankees or Mets? Share with me something you say in regular conversation that is all about baseball (or become a Fan on Facebook) before the end of the week and you might be saying “Play ball!” with a Templar.

Inning #6: The Pony Express is at bat!

It’s out! No, no, it’s didn’t strike out, it’s out out! The book, Off Like the Wind: The First Ride of The Pony Express arrived in bookstores yesterday, February 16. Why the baseball reference? Are you visiting my site for the first time? (Hey, if so, welcome!) Well, I will tell you: Baseball From A … Continue reading Inning #6: The Pony Express is at bat!