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Templar Tuesday

More Knightfall and The Youngest Templar

Knightfall Episode 2 What do the Youngest Templar and the New History Channel series Knightfall have in common? Quite a bit. The Youngest Templar is set during the third crusade and Richard the Lionheart’s fight for the Holy Land. Knightfall takes place in the late 1200-1300s and shows the Order in decline. Indeed, Philip and … Continue reading More Knightfall and The Youngest Templar

Five Observations On Knightfall!

Knightfall is the new scripted series from the History Channel about the Knights Templar. 1. Knightfall starts with the siege of Acre. The Templars have lost the Holy Land. They are being trashed talked by a Saracen. Don’t ever trash talk a Templar. (You might kill them, but you’ll pay for it). The forces of … Continue reading Five Observations On Knightfall!

TEMPLAR TUESDAY: Were There Really Only Nine?

After giving us a fascinating lesson on the demise of The Knights Templar, one of the most powerful groups in the history of our world, this week guest blogger Stephen Dafoe turns to the origin story. It is said the King of Jerusalem enlisted the aid of nine Knights to protect Christian Pilgrims on their … Continue reading TEMPLAR TUESDAY: Were There Really Only Nine?


This week, guest blogger and Knights Templar expert Stephen Dafoe, turns to the tragic story of the death of Jacques De Molay, the last grandmaster of the Order of The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and King Solomon’s Temple. Much has been made of DeMolay’s curse for it is said, as he refused to confess … Continue reading TEMPLAR TUESDAY: DeMolay’s Curse


This week our Templar Tuesday guest blogger Stephen Dafoe, continues last week’s discussion with the story and events around their eventual downfall. Be sure to visit the fabulous website at and his numerous volumes on a variety of Templar related topics. The Templar’s Demise – a three-part series on the demise of the Knights … Continue reading TEMPLAR TUESDAY: A Dish Served Cold