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Help me help you.

By giving you free books! That's right. I give away free copies of my books all the time. And the next winner could be you!

Every month, someone on my newsletter list is randomly drawn from the list. Then I send them a book. And you never know which one of my books it will be. It could be an award winning picture book, the first in one of my series, or if you're a teacher or librarian sometimes I send you a whole classroom set of ALL my books. That's right. ALL of them.

It's easy to win! Just make sure you're on my newsletter list! The only time I send out a newsletter is when I have a new book out. That's a couple of times a year so it's not like I'm going to spam you to death. (Disclaimer: If I win a big prize for one of my books, like a Pulitzer or something, or make it as a contestant on Jeopardy! I reserve the right to send out a non-new book related newsletter. You'll have to live on the edge with me).

So you have to sign up for my newsletter! That's it. Sign up once. And every month you could win.

And I always respect privacy and never share your information with anyone else.

If you're not already on the list, please sign up now. Maybe I'll be sending you a book next! (Or you'll see me on Jeopardy!)

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