First pictures of American war prisoners during the infamous "March of Death" from Bataan to Japanese concentration camp at O'Donnell, Luzon, May 1942. Tattered column winds slowly through rugged Zambales mountains, in background. The heat and dust took its toll. These pictures were snapped by Japanese military photographer, and later seized by Filipino Guerrillas.

Coming in 2017

Prisoner of War

Part of the WWII Adventures series.

Coming in 2017 is Mike’s next novel, Prisoner of War. It’s based on a true story of America’s youngest P.O.W. in World War II. Henry “Tree” Forrest is fifteen years old when he escapes his father’s brutality by lying to join the Marine Corps. But the war on the home front turns out to be a cakewalk when he finds himself a prisoner of the Japanese. Surviving the Bataan death march, captivity and forced labor will test every bit of Henry’s endurance. Amongst all the death and horror around him, will Henry be able to hold onto his humanity.

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