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For Educators

Hello Educators!

Are you looking for thrilling (The Enemy Above), pulse pounding with a twist (Into The Killing Seas) or a topical cat and mouse adventure to use in your classrooms? (Rise of the Spider).

My books offer something for everyone. Action, adventure, explosions, and a look at both history and contemporary subject through the lens of fiction. As studies have shown, a great story is a terrific way for kids to learn about the real history. No to mention the inherent value of just reading a good book for the sheer pleasure of it.

Yet there is more here than just links to my books. I have action-packed short stories (first published in Boys’ Life, now Scouting Life magazine). These are perfect for retention and compare and contrast exercises. I have curriculum guides for almost all of my books. And additional material that you can use in your classroom.

You can contact me for a special in classroom project for the Medal of Honor books that includes a zoom visit to your class and writing letters to MOH recipients.

Don’t delay. Order your books today. My books are published by multiple publishers and some of my older titles are self-published to keep them in print. If you have any difficulty finding copies for your school library or classroom, please contact me and I’m happy to help.

And please sign up for my newsletter! It only comes out when there is a new book, or other major news. I don’t sell your name and I don’t spam you. I promise.

Remember. Help me, help you!

Your authorness,

Michael P. Spradlin


My World War II Adventures books have recently been republished with all new covers. The original covers are below. This is just another service, provided free of charge here at Michael P. Spradlin, to help you prevent making duplicate purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE duplicate purchases of my books! But only when they are made on purpose and not by accident. So there you have it! (Right now you are smiling silently and nodding your head, thinking ‘Man, that Michael P. Spradlin is one heck of a guy’. Maybe not exactly that, but something very close to it, I’d wager!)