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1. For the eleventh time since I began writing professionally, I did not win the Newbery Medal. Of course, I didn’t have an eligible book this year, but I digress. Oh well, I guess it goes back on the list for next year in between “learn to speak French” and “organize garage.”

2. Is anyone watching Comanche Moon? There are two things that drew me to this six-hour mini-series. One is that I’m a huge fan of Larry McMurty. I’ve read everything he’s ever written and Lonesome Doveis one my all time favorite novels. I usually reread it every year just for the dialogue. The second thing that drew me in was Val Kilmer. Val Kilmer in a western is virtually without peer. How he never won an Oscar for his portrayal of Doc Holiday in Tombstone is beyond me. So I tuned in to watch the first two hours, and the verdict? I give it two and half stars out of four. Kilmer is fantastic. The problem is he isn’t on the screen enough. And the two actors playing Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call are trying to live up to two legendary performances that just can’t be outdone. Steve Zahn as Gus is probably the better of the two and is doing his best to channel a young Robert Duvall but he’s been asked to take on an impossible task. Still, there are McMurtry’s fingerprints all over the writing and I’ll keep watching.

3. I went to see I AM LEGEND over the holidays. I’m a big fan of the original novella and this picture is superior to the first movie version, The Omega Man (which I saw when I was twelve and scared the crap out of me! Now I rewatch it and can’t believe how cheesy it is). No spoilers here in this post in case you haven’t seen it yet. Let’s just say I found it entertaining but the end falls apart a little bit. One of the coolest parts of the movie is seeing a deserted New York City. Having traveled there many times, I found myself envying Will Smith being able to get across town so quickly. What did you think?

4. We had no school today. 4 inches of snow.

5. Today is the Presidential primary in Michigan. I will not miss the automated phone calls when it is over.

    Peace. Out.

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