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52 Ways You Can Get Your Reluctant Reader Hooked On Comics

It made the front page of the New York Times Arts section today.

DC Comics the home of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and my personal favorite Green Arrow, has announced their ‘NEW 52″ initiative.

Essentially, they are taking all of their characters from the The Atom to Zatanna and start over with their stories. Every hero will have a new #1 issue. Superman and Batman haven’t met yet. The Flash is just getting his super speed. Who knows what’s going to happen with Wonder Woman.

It’s a tremendous risk for DC. On the one hand they risk alienating their fans who have been reading these stories and following these characters for decades. On the other hand, they’re hoping the idea of a brand new start across the DC Universe will attract readers who want to jump in but don’t want to enter in the middle of a story. Some fans are howling! What? No Superman married to Lois Lane? How dare they? Others will no doubt jump back into comics with the chance to return to a favorite character and see where this new direction takes them.

Long time readers of this blog know I strongly advocate using the power of pop culture to entice kids to read. And the comic based movies we’re seeing are no doubt driving more folks including kids to the comic store. And that’s a good thing. And while this is a big risk for DC Comics, it’s a great opportunity for parents, teachers and librarians to get kids to try something new. There is nothing kids like more than being a part of something new. Reading books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson become a collective experience. Something they can share with their peers.

My advice is to hit your local comic shop and take advantage of this opportunity. Try a few of these new books on your reluctant reader. Ask them what they think of Superman’s new costume? Get a discussion going. And like me, if you fondly remember going to the drugstore to pick up the new issue of Superman and the latest Richie Rich, you just might remember how much you enjoyed reading comics as a kid.

How cool would that be?

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