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America’s Youngest Prisoner of War in World War II

My newest novel, Prisoner of War, is on sale now. It is another based on a true story, of a young boy who joined the service in 1941 at the age of 15. His home life was not so good. But he was big for his age and in those days, if you could get a relative to vouch for your age, you got in. That’s what he did.

I changed the names to protect the privacy of the families but the story is true. In Prisoner of War, young Henry Forrest was sent to the Philippines. There his true age was discovered. He was to be sent home. His departure was scheduled for December 8, 1941. Needless to say, he didn’t make it.

Along with thousands of American and Filipino troops that surrendered to the Japanese he was sent on the Bataan death march. He survived it. He managed to survive life in a Japanese POW camp where he was tortured and beaten. As Japan was driven back by the Allied advance, he was removed to Japan where he was put into forced labor at a steel mill. Finally, at age 19, he was liberated when Japan surrendered. Try to imagine that for a moment. At an age when you should be in High School, this hero was suffering unimaginable treatment by a horrific enemy.

Prisoner of War is a story of war and survival. Henry Forrest is forced to find a way to keep his humanity in the face of ultimate evil. He will find the best and worst of men at war. And in the end he will learn he is more courageous than he thought.

Prisoner of War is receiving great reviews. Kirkus calls it “gut-wrenchingly vivid.” School Library Journal says it is “A powerful read.”

Order your copy of Prisoner of War today!

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