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“You are an outstanding speaker! The kids were very motivated after hearing you speak. We would love to have you back!”
~ Kay Lashbrook, 5th Grade Teacher, Lynch Elementary, Lapeer, MI

Host a visit with author Michael Spradlin at your school or conference! The following are a few of the different presentations and workshops for which Michael has become known.

To arrange visits to your school or conference
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And if it’s not possible to bring Michael in person, consider a SKYPE visit! Ask about it!


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Dear Teachers & Librarians,

If you’re visiting my site, it’s already too late. I had you at hello. Or I had you at click-through as we say in the website biz. Personally I don’t see how, if you spend some time exploring my site, you won’t just automatically click on the order button. I mean look at it. It’s sitting right there practically calling to you. Order me! Order me! Hear that?

So why should you order or read or use my books in your classroom you ask? A very good question. And there’s a very good answer which is: words. That’s right: words. My books are full of them! Words that will make readers laugh, make ‘em wonder and make some go to the dictionary to see if they’re real. Also, since I write across a broad spectrum of literature, I have written something for virtually any age or reader. Who else can say that? Stephen King? I think not. James Patterson? Hah!

If you’re looking for picture books that will ideally fit into your history or social studies curricula, this is the place. Daniel Boone, Texas Rangers, the Pony Express — I’ve got books to help students gain insight into amazing bits of American history.

If you’ve got kids in your classroom or a library craving page-turning excitement, then you have to check out my Spy Goddess series (Your students will love spunky heroine Rachel Buchanan, who is juggling homework, saving the world and trying not to wreck her manicure.) And if you don’t think your boy students will crack open Spy Goddess, (and do please remind them that there are plenty of martial arts and explosions!) then take a look at my Youngest Templar series which follows a young squire to a Templar Knight who must return the Holy Grail safely to England. Along the way there are plenty of narrow escapes, evil doers on his trail, sword fights and all other sorts of cool stuff.

Let me close by saying two important things. First, thank all of you for supporting me and encouraging your students to read my books. Your outreach to my readers is invaluable. Second, did you know that most places will give you free shipping if you order more than $25 worth of books?

I’m just saying.

Michael Spradlin

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Are you studying the American frontier in your social studies curriculum? Are you looking for fun, exciting books that will actually keep your kids silent during silent reading? Then look no further. Whether it’s picture books telling exciting true stories from American History or an action-adventure novel that will keep kids turning the pages, check out Michael’s catalog for books that will appeal to someone if not everyone you know!

If you are a school or library and want to order either individual or multiple copies of my books, please know that almost all major library jobbers and educational wholesalers carry them, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follet, and Mackin Library Services.

If you would like to contact the publisher directly for ordering information, please follow these handy links:

The Legend of Blue Jacket
Spy Goddess Series

Texas Rangers: Legendary Lawmen
Daniel Boone’s Great Escape

The Youngest Templar series


Becoming a Writer:
This workshop offers students and educators an inside look at the writer’s process. It covers brainstorming, research, revision, and the importance of developing your own unique voice. Several examples from past works, stories in progress and the writing of other authors are incorporated into the presentation.

Plot & Creativity Workshop:
Students will get an inside view of what makes a story work. It will touch on character development, creating conflict, effective use of dialogue, and plot structure to help students create their own unique stories.

Writing Do’s and Don’ts:
This workshop offers several useful tips that students can use in writing assignments. Presented in a fun and energetic way, tips like “Take off the ‘that’ hat,” “Adverbs and pronouns: Friends or foes?” give students usable advice to improve their writing.

Real History:
This presentation uses my award winning picture books to introduce students to real American History. It includes demonstrations of hands-on artifacts and is ideal for history classes or social studies curriculums.


Michael Spradlin - school visit

Michael Spradlin - school visit

Download the following tools to prepare for a visit from Michael Spradlin! Both the poster and the ordering forms are available as downloadable PDFs with customizable fields to be tailored to your school.

Download the Guide:

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“You engaged our students with gentle humor and fascinating details about the writing process. Your presentation is a treat for eyes, ears, and brains! We hope you can come back after The Youngest Templar makes its debut.”
~ Jane Rossi, Media Specialist, Tappan Middle School, Ann Arbor Michigan

“Yours was the best author visit we’ve ever had at our school! Our students were riveted and we can’t wait to have you back at Aprende again!”
~ Tracy Mackey, 6th Grade Teacher, Aprende Middle School, Chandler, Arizona

“You are an outstanding speaker! The kids were very motivated after hearing you speak. We would love to have you back!”
~ Kay Lashbrook, 5th Grade Teacher, Lynch Elementary School, Lapeer, Michigan

“Dear Mr. Spradlin— I just wanted you to know that your book Spy Goddess: Live and Let Shop was way more exciting than I thought it would be.”
~ Marissa—Age 11

“Dear Mr. Spradlin, When Ms. Shay told us you were going to visit our class I was dreading it, but it turns out I wasn’t bored even once!”
~James—Brown City, Michigan

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