The WWII Adventures Series

Into the Killing Seas

One of Mike's WWII Adventures

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In 1945, in the waning days of World War II, two boys stow away aboard the U.S.S. Indianapolis as it sails from Guam to the Philippines. Separated from their parents at the start of the war, the boys hope to reunite with their family. But their hopes are dashed when a Japanese submarine sinks the ship in the middle of ocean.

Patrick and Teddy, with the help of their friend—an injured Marine named Benny—are not too worried at first. They expect to be rescued soon. They can handle the thirst and the dehydration. Even the occasional madness that seems to possess some of the ship’s surviving crew.

But as they float along in the water, they discover that the real danger lies beneath. And it has teeth. Based on true events, Michael brings readers another harrowing tale of survival and suspense.

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ISBN: 9780545726023

June 30, 2015

The Enemy Above

One of Mike's WWII Adventures

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In 1940’s Ukraine Anton Schostak lives a simple life of a peasant farmer. But to the east the Nazi war machine is headed toward Anton’s peaceful existence. He is Jewish and the Nazi’s comb the countryside looking for Jews to make Ukraine Judenfrei—free of Jews.

With his father off fighting with the Polish cavalry, Anton must escape with his grandmother, Bubbe. As the Nazi’s draw closer and closer, freedom becomes a dangerous game. Major Karl Von Dueson of the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, is convinced that he can advance his career by capturing as many Jews as possible. But Anton and his Grandmother continue to elude him.

When they take refuge in a nearby cave the Major discovers them and Bubbe is captured. Now Anton must leave the safety of the cave and find his grandmother. When he manages to free her, Von Duesen, now nearly unhinged, will stop at nothing to find them. Anton must use every bit of energy and skill to stay one step ahead of a madman.

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The Enemy Above is available in the following formats:

ISBN: 978-0545857826

June 28, 2016

Prisoner of War

One of Mike's WWII Adventures

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Prisoner of War is based on a true story of a fifteen-year-old boy who left a horrible home situation to join the Marines.  The day he was discovered to be underage and sent home, the Japanese attacked the Philippine’s. When the U.S. Forces surrendered, young Henry Forest is forced to survive in a Japanese Prison Camp.

In the camps he finds the best and worst of humanity. He survives brutal torture, disease and the loss of friends. Before the end of the war he is shipped off to Japan and placed in forced labor at a steel mill. Will Henry survive the hardship of life as a prisoner? Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice.


“A powerful read.” School Library Journal

“Gut wrenchingly vivid.” Kirkus Reviews

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Prisoner of War is available in the following formats:

ISBN: 978-0545857833

June 27, 2017