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Get Ready For Killer Species!

Dear Readers,

There are monsters loose!

The first book in my new middle grade series, KILLER SPECIES: Menace From The Deep is arriving in your school’s Scholastic Book Fair this month! It will be on sale wherever books are sold in July. It’s now available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller.

KILLER SPECIES begins with a deranged environmentalist who releases a hybrid species of alligator into the wild. His goal is to create a super predator that will control the boa constrictor and python population which is destroying the fragile Everglades eco-system. But as always happens when man artificially interferes with nature, things go horribly awry.

Twelve year old Emmet Doyle is not in the best move when arrives in Florida City. His father is the esteemed Avian biologist Benton Doyle and he’s been called to Everglades National Park to help park superintendent Dr. Rosalita Geaux discover why alligators, birds and other animals are fleeing the park in record numbers. And also to help her determine the origin of a mysterious new animal found in the park. A specimen containing the DNA of two distinct species.

Emmet is working through some issues. His mother passed away a year ago. He has to leave his beloved home in Montana. With his dog Apollo in tow, he has to adjust to a new home, new school and new friends. And Dr. Geaux’s son Calvin is the most unique kid Emmet has ever met. He’s at home in the swamp, pilots and air-boat like a pro and has a super cool tree house in his backyard.

The environmentalist, who calls himself Dr. Catalyst, is a brilliant scientist in his own right. And he is determined to rid South Florida of invasive species by any means necessary. And when the authorities refuse to give in to his demands, he raises the stakes, kidnapping Dr. Doyle and holding him hostage. Emmet and Calvin must head into the Everglades to find his father.

Look for KILLER SPECIES: Menace From The Deep at your Scholastic Book Fair! Watch the video! Visit the Scholastic Book Talk! page. Like the KILLER SPECIES page on Facebook! And pre-order a copy today! And stop Dr. Catalyst from releasing more dangerous creatures.

Your authorness!

Michael P. Spradlin

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