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Texas Rangers: Legendary LawmenToday is almost as good as Christmas, although perhaps not quite as good as Festivus where my favorite part of that holiday is the traditional ‘airing of the grievances’. But it is a day that all writers dream about. I’m talking of course about Publication Day!

My new picture book TEXAS RANGERS: Legendary Lawmen goes on sale today. For readers aged 4 to 145 it’s a perfect introduction to the history of these heroic lawmen. It’s beautifully illustrated by Roxie Munro and is already gathering some good reviews. It’s available wherever books are sold, including your favorite on line booksellers.

And because I always try to be as helpful as possible here at I’ve created a list of people for which TEXAS RANGERS: Legendary Lawmen would be the ideal gift. This list includes but is not limited to:

1. People that you like.

2. People that you don’t particularly like but need to buy a gift for anyway.

3. People from Texas

4. People not from Texas.

5. Someone that you know that knows someone that lives in Texas

6. Someone that you know that doesn’t know anyone who lives in Texas

7. Children ages 4-145

8. All others

So as you can see TEXAS RANGERS: Legendary Lawmen is, without question, the perfect book for everyone you know. Not to mention, and I cannot overemphasize this enough, your purchase of this book benefits charity. That’s right, all of the author’s proceeds for this book go directly to the Michael P. Spradlin Early Retirement Fund.  So buy a copy and feel good about yourself at the same time!

That’s all. Stop reading this blog right now and click on the order link on this website and purchase your very own copy! And here’s a little secret that you may not know. When you purchase online, most online retailers will give you free shipping if you order multiple copies!

I’m just sayin’

Your authorness,


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