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Inning #3: Baseball on the Brain

I don’t think any sport conjures up more pleasant memories than baseball. Whether you played it as a kid, watch it as an adult or take your kids to t-ball games, baseball is an indelible part of our culture. I can remember as a young boy falling asleep to the dulcet tones of Hall-Of-Fame Announcer Ernie Harwell, as he would broadcast Detroit Tigers games from all over the country. In fact, one year my father bought a clock radio with a timer on it that shut the radio off after I had long fallen asleep. He was tired of paying for batteries for my transistor radio.

I have just today posted a couple of the awesome illustrations from my upcoming picture book Baseball From A to Z. One of my favorite parts of these illustrations is the kid in the lower left corner of the B (for Ballpark) page. That kid was me (maybe still is).

What is one of your favorite memories of baseball as a kid (or grown-up kid)? Give me a quick telling in a comment and enter yourself to win a copy of The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail to a randomly selected commenter. Or share this post on Facebook or Myspace and you can be doubly entered (make sure to pop back and tell me you posted to Fbk or MSp).

Happy New Year!

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