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Inning #4: What does Daniel Boone have to do with Baseball?

Not much on first glance, it’s true. Baseball hadn’t even turn professional when Daniel Boone made that famous run. But then you might think: Well, Michael, there is a lot of running in both Baseball and in Daniel Boone’s story. And then you might follow that up with, Hey, Michael, don’t you have beautifully-illustrated books on each subject?

And you’d be right on both counts. There is indeed a lot of running in both the sport of baseball and also in Daniel Boone’s dramatic 160 mile run (in only four days!) in 1778.

And yes, Daniel Boone’s Great Escape and Baseball From A to Z both have fabulous illustrations. I have been extraordinarily lucky in getting matched up with incredibly talented illustrators for all my picture books. For inning #4, running today January 20 through February 2, to celebrate that good fortune, I want to give away a great read (if I do say so myself) – The Youngest Templar – for calling out great illustrations. Click through any of my picture book pages: either Daniel Boone, Baseball From A to Z, my soon-to-be-released book about The Pony Express, or any of my backlist: The Legend of Blue Jacket, Texas Rangers: Legendary Lawmen, and my “grown-up” picture book: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies! (which admittedly might be too much for the wee ones), and in a comment below, tell me which illustration you like the best, or even just a lot. If you have the book in hand and you want to call out an illustration on a page not on the site, even better! Become a fan on Facebook and you can be doubly entered (make sure to pop back and tell me you became a fan).

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