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Inning #6: The Pony Express is at bat!

It’s out! No, no, it’s didn’t strike out, it’s out out! The book, Off Like the Wind: The First Ride of The Pony Express arrived in bookstores yesterday, February 16. Why the baseball reference? Are you visiting my site for the first time? (Hey, if so, welcome!)

Well, I will tell you: Baseball From A to Z, my next picture book, arrives on March 23. And one of the things I love about baseball is how much of the whole baseball culture has wiggled into our daily conversation. My aforementioned “strike out” reference. I want to know what part of baseball has infiltrated the way you talk. What do you say that has a distinct baseball flavor to it?

For inning #6 here at Team Spradlin Baseball giveaway extravaganza, running today February 17 through March 2, I want to give away a signed copy of The Youngest Templar to someone who shares with me some phrase or reference that you use a lot that originated with Baseball. Become a fan on Facebook and you can be doubly entered (make sure to pop back and tell me you became a fan).

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