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Inning #7: Baseball Legends

Baseball is full of legends. Legendary players, stories too incredible to be true, and rumors… such thrilling drama sometimes surrounds the game. I have always loved reading the lore of baseball and learning the nuances of the game in different eras. It’s partly what led me to write Baseball From A to Z. But baseball is not my first experience with legends. Have you seen my book about Legendary Lawmen? About The Texas Rangers? Or how about the Legend of Blue Jacket? As a writer its tremendously fulfilling for me to find some barely mentioned tidbit and find the legend in it. As a baseball fan however, I love reading up on the legends themselves: Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Shoeless Joe Jackson… Some of my favorite baseball legends. Who are yours?

For inning #7, running today March 3 through March 16, I want to give away a signed copy of The Youngest Templar to a random commenter who tells me who their favorite baseball legend is. Become a fan on Facebook and you can be doubly entered (make sure to pop back and tell me you became a fan).

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