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It’s been an extremely busy week here at the world headquarters of Team Mike. That’s because today is the official publication day of SPY GODDESS: THE CHASE FOR THE CHALICE. February has turned out to be a very busy month indeed.

spygodmangacorrect.JPGSPY GODDESS: THE CHASE FOR THE CHALICE is my first foray into manga. What is manga you ask? Good question and I’m glad you asked it. Manga is a Japanese word that means comics. In Japan after WWII a very different style of comic writing, illustrating and publishing took hold. Much different than what we are used to seeing in American comics that tended to focus on costumed super heroes. In Japan, the characters were usually younger, most often teenage girls and the stories they told were illustrated in a particular style and were much longer than the typical comic book. So manga is basically what we in the United States would call a graphic novel. A novel where the story is carried in both words and pictures.

I’ve gotten a lot of reader feedback from fans wanting to know why I’ve continued the Spy Goddess series in manga as opposed to a regular novel. My answer is that if you’re a writer that wants to grow your audience you need to “fish where the fish are” and manga has the fastest growing readership of any part of the YA market today. So I said sign me up.spygoddessmithrasmanga.jpg

The good news is that SPY GODDESS: THE CHASE FOR THE CHALICE is a BRAND NEW Rachel Buchanan adventure. Let me say that again, SPY GODDESS: THE CHASE FOR THE CHALICE is a BRAND NEW Rachel Buchanan adventure. It continues the story where SPY GODDESS: TO HAWAII, WITH LOVE left off. It has the same characters, the same villain and it has all of the high action, suspense, humor and witty dialogue that you’ve come to expect from the novels.

So if you’re hungry for more SPY GODDESS action please give the new book a try. Think of SPY GODDESS: THE CHASE FOR THE CHALICE as a bridge between the Spy Goddess novels and what SPY GODDESS might look like on a movie screen. And if we all get behind it and make it a big success maybe we’ll see the adventures of Rachel Buchanan at the local cineplex one of these days.

It could happen!

I’m just sayin’

Peace out.

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