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New York Times best-selling author James Rollins has just released his newest novel The Last Oracle. I’m sure it it going to rocket right to the top of all the bestseller lists around the country. I love Jim’s books. They’re full of action, adventure, a dash of science usually coupled with some ancient mystery and they definitely meet my “stuff must blow up” criteria. The Last Oracle by James Rollins

What I’ve learned about Jim over the years is that he suffers for his art. He scuba dives. He spelunks. He personally does a lot of stuff his characters experience in his books. That’s probably why you get that real ‘you are there’ sense from reading them. In fact, a certain Hollywood producer was so smitten by Jim’s work, that he hired him to write the novelization of his latest big screen epic. You might have heard of it. It was a little film called Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Knowing that we share an interest in action, adventure, zombies and explosions, what else do you think that I, your humble authorness, have in common with James Rollins?

Give up?

We both love my new book THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: Keeper of the Grail!

Here is what Jim had to say about it:

“A masterful blend of whimsical fantasy, spellbinding suspense, and historical mystery, read it before a crackling fire and allow it to sweep you away into another world and time. A classic adventure in the making, not to be missed!”

That’s right! James Rollins my peeps! Feeling The Youngest Templar love!

See you next week!

Your authorness.

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