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Listen Up! And Other Friday Night Fulminations…

This week THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: Keeper of the Grail audio book has gone on sale. This is my first book ever done in an audio version. In listening to the clip provided by the publisher, I have to say what a wonderful and unique experience it was to hear my words coming out of someone else’s mouth. Keeper of the Grail: The Youngest Templar Trilogy, Book 1 (The Youngest Templar)

Paul Boehmer is the reader. An American born actor, but one who does an impeccable English accent. He has appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. Not many actors can claim that distinction. And I’m willing to bet he’s probably the only actor to appear in all of those shows AND The Good German and The Thomas Crown Affair. I invite you to click on the “LISTEN” link on the home page, underneath the cover. You’ll get a free three minute sample.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the audio version of THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR. It’s a really well done production if I don’t say so myself.

More great reviews and accolades for the book continue to roll in. Award winning author Tracie Zimmer had this to say about THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR:

I just read THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR and I have to tell you that it is a rollicking historical fiction adventure story that you will not be able to put down…If you have, know, or work with a reluctant reader (especially boys, but it will appeal to girls too) then go buy them this book. You know, like NOW!

In addition to writing award-winning books, Tracie is also a reading teacher, so I was especially gratified to get her comments regarding ‘reluctant readers’. Getting kids enthused about reading is one of the best parts of this job!

I’ll be on the road a lot in the next few weeks making appearances and meeting readers. Check out my events page for a South Dakota Festival of Booksschedule. Last week I was in South Dakota for the South Dakota Festival of Books. Another great time at a great event with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered in my travels!

Happy reading!

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