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So you know, I have may have mentioned it once or twice, but I’ve got a big new novel going on sale wherever books are sold on September 18, 2008. It’s called THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: Keeper of the Grail. (You can read a sneak peak and enter the contest on the contest page!). The book has sold in seven countries and will also be published as an audio book from Listening Library. Buzz.

As they say in the book business, THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR is getting a lot of buzz. Unlike that annoying buzzing sound in your radio when the station isn’t quite coming in, buzz for a book is a good thing. It means that people are talking about it. Reading it. Waiting for it it to come out. Which will on September 18, 2008. In fact, if this book were getting any more buzz, I’m afraid I might turn into a bee. Buzz.

THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: Keeper of the Grail is a book that is right in the wheelhouse of the books that kids are reading today. Think Ranger’s Apprentice or The Olympian’s series by Rick Riordan. It’s a historical action-adventure novel, that is set during the third crusade, when King Richard the Lionheart attempted to take back the Holy Land from the Saladin. The story centers around Tristan, an orphan of mysterious origin, left on the steps of a monastery as a babe. Living out his life at the quiet abbey, he yearns to see the world and find out what he can about his past.

One night a regimento of Knights Templar stop to rest at the Abbey and Sir Thomas Leux asks Tristan to become his squire. It’s the opportunity Tristan has been waiting for. He joins the Templars and with Sir Thomas as his teacher learns his role as a squire to a knight. With Sir Thomas he travels to the Holy Land. There, during a critical battle when the Templars are about to be overrun, Sir Thomas entrusts Tristan with the Holy Grail. He tells him that Tristan must return the Grail safely to England. So begins Tristan’s quest to fulfill his duty.

As with all of my novels, there is a ton of action, narrow escapes, epic battles and the perequiste stuff blowing up. It’s fast paced, exciting and the kind of book I loved to read when I was twelve. So when September 18, 2008 rolls around I’m hoping you’ll check it out. Heck, if you want to pre-order a copy now, be my guest.

But (and talk about burying the lead!) you don’t need to take just my word for it. New York Times Best-Selling author Meg Cabot (yes! The Meg Cabot!) had this to say about THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: Keeper of the Grail:

“Adventure quest at it’s best! Readers will be dying for the next installment! Tristan is a hero to remember.”


Just sayin’

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