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Pirate Haiku is
Is on sale now! Please buy a
Copy today! Thanks!

Today’s guest blogger is One-Leg Sterling, the scurvy sea dog who claims to have co-written my new book PIRATE HAIKU: Bilge Sucking Poems, Of Booty, Grog and Wenches For Scurvy Sea Dogs! It can be plundered at Bookstores now!

Avast Me Hearties!

It’s me One Leg Sterling (otherwise, known as Michael P. Spradlin) droppin’ ya poppets this message in a bottle to let ye know you can read me whole life story in the new PIRATE HAIKU: Bilge Sucking Poems of Booty, Grog and Wenches for Scurvy Sea Dogs! Arrgh! Scurvy Sea Dogs! That’s you! Once, I was stranded on a desert island off the coast of Japan and learned to haiku! So that’s how I decided to tell my life story.

Now, truth be told, I had to rely on that no account, rum swillin’, land lubbin’, chum bucket smellin’, lyin’, gamblin’, double dealin’, Michael P. Spradlin to bring me story to life! And blast it if he didn’t swindle me out all the royalties for this here book! Dang, his hide, I swear them dice was loaded! Or else I was! Arrrgh!

Anyhow, if you wanna hear what it’s like to be a real pirate grab yer copy and climb aboard! Click here for information on how to order.

Now, seeing as how I owe that shark baitin’ Spradlin a thing or two, I’m also required to remind you that the month of October is a Youngest Templar Palooza! The paperback edition of The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate goes on sale October 14th. Followed on October 28th, by the eagerly awaited third book The Youngest Templar: Orphan of Destiny. And right now there’s a new contest a runnin’ on so hurry over there and enter for free booty and while yer muckin’ about his website pre-order yer copies of The Youngest Templar: Orphan of Destiny in multiples of five. Pirate’s Orders!

Also, Spradlin thinks old One Leg is scared a Zombies and I ain’t, I tell you. If one of them undead, shufflin’ bags a flesh comes for me, he’s going to find out what a real Pirate’s cutlass feels like. So I’m looking forward to Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime: A Book of Zombie Love Songs, the follow up to the New York Times Bestseller It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Zombies: A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols. Both of them is guaranteed to make ya cackle with laughter.

All hands on deck! Make yer way to the nearest bookstore be it physical or online and plunder yerself a copy of Pirate Haiku. And while yer there, put in an order for the bilge rat Spradlin’s other books as well.

Also visit for a sample of the book and some fun activities like postin’ yer own haiku. Keep ‘er PG-13 though or you’ll taste the Capn’s steel.

One Leg Sterling

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