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Publisher: HarperCollins

The Legend of Blue Jacket

Duke Van Swearingen was only sixteen when a Shawnee war party took him from his home. In order to save the life of his younger brother, Duke made the Shawnee a deal. He would go with them willingly if they left his brother behind. They agreed and Duke was taken far from his Virginia home to the green valleys of Ohio.

But that was not the end of his story. Adopted into the tribe, Duke became Blue Jacket, a Shawnee warrior. For many years he fought against colonial encroachment on his people’s land and way of life. Eventually, he rose to the rank of War Chief, and twice in battle virtually destroyed the US Army that was sent to defeat him.

For the first time, young readers can learn his fascinating story in this beautifully illustrated book.

Baseball from A-Z

Learning about baseball has never been so much fun! From a pitching Ace to a strike Zone, this energetic alphabet book covers all the bases of America’s favorite pastime. Lively, action-packed illustrations will take readers right into the stands to root, root, root for the home team. So put on your favorite team jersey and get ready for the Ballpark… because Baseball from A to Z is one Home run you don’t want to miss.

Blood Riders

The west has never been wilder…or bloodier.

1876. The Wyoming Territory. On a rescue mission looking for a lost group of settlers, Captain Jonas Hollisterwatches in horror as eleven of his men are brutally murdered by creatures that defy description. They are preternaturally strong, unbelievably vicious and beyond human. When the rising sun saves Hollister from a horrible fate, he is unable to convince anyone the truth of what happened to his men. Cashiered from the Army he is sent to Leavenworth prison where he wiles away the day digging wells and trying every way he can to forget that awful day.

Four years into his sentence, Hollister is summoned to the warden’s office. There he meets the famed detective Allan Pinkerton. Pinkerton has come to offer Hollister a deal. The creatures that killed his men have surfaced again. This time the surviving witness is the son of a powerful US Senator. Pinkerton has been sent by the President to ‘handle’ the situation. Knowing Hollister’s story, Pinkerton offers him a deal. Track down these creatures and kill them and his name and career will be restored.

With nothing left to lose, Hollister agrees. Before leaving prison, Hollister negotiates for a young inmate named Chee, a mysterious man with a unique background to join him. Together with Dog, the giant canine that has lived off the land outside the gates of Leavenworth, waiting for Chee’s release, the two men leave Leavenworth on a dangerous quest to find these creatures.

But the trackers are being tracked. For a beautiful young woman has joined the chase, for reasons known only to her. She is one of the creatures that Hollister and Chee stalk. Her name is Shaniah and she is an Archaic, an ancient race of beings who have lived outside the boundaries of humanity. As the leader of her people she is on the trail of Malachi, an Archaic with an evil agenda who will stop at nothing to destroy any human who gets in his way.

When Hollister and Chee learn Shaniah’s past and her mission, they join forces following Malachi from the plains of Kansas to the Rocky Mountains. Each step brings them closer to redemption, nearer death and fast on the trail of utter failure. Hollister will learn that no one can be trusted and sometimes enemies come from unexpected places. When they track Malachi to an abandoned mining camp high in the mountains of Colorado, Hollister, Chee and Shaniah will find their worlds changed forever.

Who will live and who will die? Who will find redemption? Can Hollister and Chee help Shaniah keep Malachi from destroying her people? Find out when you read Blood Riders.