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Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers

Daniel Boone’s Great Escape

Daniel Boone’s Great Escapetells the dramatic story of Boone’s capture by Shawnee Indians and his eventual escape. While evading capture in a desperate run to freedom, Boone traveled 160 miles through a primeval forest in just four days time. His heroic act gave the settlers at Boonesboro time to prepare for the coming Shawnee attack. Illustrated by Ard Hoyt. This book features the illustrations of Ard Hoyt, illustrator of One-Dog Canoe and Some Dog!

Texas Rangers Legendary Lawmen

It was a hard and rugged life on the Texas Frontier of the 1820s. Bandits robbed and pillaged at will. Native tribes raided ranches and farms with impunity. Texas was then a colony of Mexico and the Mexican government was powerless to help these citizens. So Governor Stephen Austin called for a special group of volunteers to “range” the frontier whenever trouble arose. Modeled after the famous Minute Men of the American Revolution, these men took up arms whenever a threat arose and protected the lives and property of Texas citizens until the threat had passed. This is how the Texas Rangers were born.

In this beautifully illustrated book, young readers will learn the thrilling history of this band of famous lawmen from their earliest days as a ragtag band of volunteers to modern times where crimes are solved using the latest technologies and scientific methods. It’s a delightful romp through nearly 200 years of Ranger history.

Off Like the Wind: The First Ride of The Pony Express

Travel with the first Pony Express riders through the dramatic and dangerous Wild West in a celebration of America’s finest frontiersmen!

In 1860, the first Pony Express rider set out on a trail from Missouri to California. With him, he carried a special delivery ~ the first mail ever carried by hand to the West. Over the next eleven days, he and many other riders would endure harsh weather, dangerous animals, and more, but nothing would diminish their unflagging determination and courage.
Meticulously researched and gorgeously illustrated, Michael P. Spradlin and Layne Johnson’s Off Like the Wind! brings to life an adventurous journey, full of suspense and excitement, that celebrates America’s can-do attitude and pioneering spirit.pny