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Reading During the Pandemic…

There is an old saying, of indeterminate origin, that says “may you live in interesting times.’ The past few weeks have been nothing if not interesting. To say the least. One of the things that has made this quarantine period a lot easier for me, is all the messages and emails I’ve received from readers who are reading my books to pass the time. I’m gratified that teachers are using Into the Killing Seas in their online classes. I’m happy to know that Spy Goddess still lives and has gotten some renewed interest among those that are self-isolating.

And I was especially gratified to learn that Monster Alphabet is finding new readers, thanks to I was happy to find it grouped with a fantastic selection of titles, recommended to be read aloud for young readers.

I’m trying to do my part. Each day I’m posting a video chapter of Into the Killing Seas on my Facebook page. Any teacher, librarian or educator has my permission to use the videos for any time of online learning or library program on any platform they choose. For as long as this pandemic lasts.

We are all in this together. So please stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. Let’s watch out for each other. Help each other. And as always, keep reading and be kind.

Your authorness,

Michael P. Spradlin

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