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Russell and Me…

Okay, so according to the Ridley Scott directed, Russell Crowe starring movie version of Robin Hood is coming to theaters on May 14. So you know where I’m going to be that day. The trailer so far looks awesome.

And what’s more, take a look at the movie poster for the film. Does it in anyway remind you of a certain Youngest Templar book? Coincidence? Deliberate? Either way, it’s nice to be able to make that kind of a connection to a bajillion dollar budget, sure to be a blockbuster movie.

Look familiar?For those of you who may not have read The Youngest Templar yet (and if you haven’t WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Ahem.) one of the characters is a young archer named Robard Hode, born in Sherwood Forest near the shire of Nottingham. I did a lot of research on Robin Hood legends in writing the book, and found that a real Robard Hode existed around the time my novel is set. He was one of the first nobles to stand against Prince John. The modern legend of Robin Hood as we know it, is quite likely an amalgamation of several deeds and exploits by numerous individuals. When I discovered the real Robard Hode I worked him into my story.

I get lots of letters and emails from readers who tell me Robard is their favorite character in the books. He has been a joy to write. He is heroic, steadfast, quick-tempered and passionate but has a devotion to justice that drives him above all else. When I originally scripted the trilogy, my plan was for Robard and Tristan to have a brief encounter in Keeper of the Grail, and then for him to return again in book three. Yet the first minute he walked onto the page he demanded to remain in the story the whole way. I argued with him a lot, but in the end he convinced me. (Not to mention he does have a bow and arrow!). I’m thrilled that there is going to be a major motion picture retelling the Robin Hood legend again. And I can assure readers Robard plays a big role in book three Orphan of Destiny (on sale October 28, 2010 and available for pre-order at your favorite bookseller. I’m just sayin’)
I’ll see you at the movies!

Your authorness

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