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Killer Species Series

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About the Killer Species Series

Invasive species are devastating the Florida ecosystem. Whether it’s pythons and boa constrictors in the Everglades or destructive lionfish on the coastal reefs, non-native animals are causing untold damage to the environment. A scientist, calling himself Dr. Catalyst, has a plan to combat these animals. He’s going to create his own genetically altered super predators to halt the spread of the invaders.

Emmett Doyle doesn’t want to be in Florida. But his dad is a scientist and he’s been called from their home in Montana to assist Dr. Rosalita Geaux, the Everglades National Park Superintendent, to find out why birds and other animals are migrating out of the Everglades in record numbers. What he discovers is shocking. Someone is releasing genetically engineered animals into the Florida wilds.

And when Dr. Doyle gets to close to Dr. Catalyst’s work, the deranged environmentalist takes him hostage. Emmett and Calvin Geaux must venture into the heart of the Everglades in an attempt to rescue Emmett’s dad. And together they must try to stop a madman from unleashing environmental havoc.

“This is the ideal series for reluctant readers, especially boys, with easy to read short action-packed chapters, terrifying encounters with hybrid gator monsters, crazy escapes and plenty of science. The author effortlessly weaves themes of single parentage, grief, starting over somewhere new and eco-terrorism into the plotline. Future volumes in the Killer Species series promise more of the same.”

~ Mary Thompson for Dragons Who Read on Menace in the Deep