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Web of the Spider

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About the Web of the Spider

A page-turning, action packed, super-exciting, heart stopping, pulse pounding (once your heart restarts) exhilarating, mysterious, awe inspiring, spine tingling, gut clenching, blood boiling, breath taking, exhilarating (wait I already said that!) overwhelming, astonishing, stunning, sure to be award winning series from New York Times Best Selling author Michael P. Spradlin.

Set in pre-World War II Germany, the Web of the Spider takes place in the quaint town of Heroldsberg, Germany. Beginning in 1929, each book follows the story of a young person who watches while their idyllic world, is turned upside down with the rise of evil. It is a dark and disturbing movement that despite its promises of prosperity for all will only lead to hate, hardship and peril.

The Germany of this era is a nation in great distress. Unemployment is over fifty percent. Inflation rages rendering the national currency worthless. The country has been unable to lift itself out of the ravages of the Great War. Thousands have died from the Spanish Flu of ten years before. Broken men, still nursing injuries from combat, are unable to work and support their families.

To make matters worse, the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which Germany signed to end World War I has terms for repayment and repair to the Allied nations that the country will never be able to make. It is a recipe for violence and calls for revolution. And in the Bavarian state, in cities like Munich and Nuremberg, a new voice, from a man called Adolf Hitler is reaching willing ears.

In Heroldsberg, things are not so bad. Yes times are hard, but the town became famous for making luxurious fabric and cloth and that business is keeping the worst of the times away. But it is a city that is starting to crack from the strain. And when representatives of the Hitler Youth set up operations in town, the cracks begin to deepen. So the town will shatter, and people and families will be torn apart.

THIS SERIES WILL HAVE SIX BOOKS: Each book is set in a different year leading up to 1934 when Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. They follow a different character as they try to navigate their changing world in what will soon become a battle for survival.