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Spy Goddess Series

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About the Spy Goddess Series

Rachel Buchanan, of the Beverly Hills Buchanans, isn’t a bad kid. She’s just a strong willed, stubborn, smart Aleck, who is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her parents are more concerned with making money and keeping up appearances than raising a daughter. One night, when her friends steal a car and go joyriding, it’s Rachel the cops catch and leave holding the bag.

A juvenile judge doesn’t care that Rachel comes from a wealthy family. Or that her father has a high priced lawyer. She senses Rachel needs help. And the place for her to get that help isn’t juvenile detention, it’s a special school in Pennsylvania called Blackthorn Academy.

The judge gives her a choice a year at Blackthorn or thirty days in Juvenile Detention. She chooses Blackthorn and is shipped off to this unusual boarding school in rural Pennsylvania. And she quickly discovers that this is no ordinary school.

Sure, people are friendly, maybe a little too friendly. And what kind of school teaches you martial arts, microelectronics, criminology and other weird courses. It’s a mystery. And there is a restricted section of the school called ‘Top Floor’ where only certain students are allowed. Not to mention the mysterious and cryptic headmaster, Mr. Kim. Clearly, everything here is not what it seems.

Rachel discovers that her new friends all have unique talents and abilities. And when Mr. Kim goes missing, Rachel must rally her friends to save him from an old and familiar enemy.

And Rachel learns she just might have the most special abilities of all.