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Youngest Templar Series

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About the Youngest Templar Series

The Youngest Templar series has been hailed as “brilliant” and ‘inspiring’ by School Library Journal. And New York Times Bestselling Author Meg Cabot calls it “Adventure quest at its best!” Published in over a dozen countries around the world, The Youngest Templar is an international sensation.

Following the adventures of Tristan, an orphan with a mysterious past, who grew up in a monastery, The Youngest Templar is full of action, adventure and nail-biting suspense. When a troop of The Knights Templar visit young Tristan’s abbey on a fine spring day in 1191, he is soon swept up into a conflict beyond anything he could have ever expected. Befriended by Sir Thomas Leux Tristan becomes his squire. And before long, he suspects that Sir Thomas knows something important about the his past. When the commander of the regimento, Sir Hugh takes an immediate dislike to Tristan and even King Richard appears to want him dead, he begins to suspect he is more than just an ordinary orphan.

But fate intercedes as Tristan travels to the place the Templar’s call “Outremer,” the Holy Land, and gets his first taste of warfare. Besieged by Saladin in the city of Acre, as the Templar fortress is about to fall, Sir Thomas orders Tristan to escape via secret passage. And with him he must take the most sacred relic in all of Christendom: The Holy Grail.

Reluctant to leave Sir Thomas behind, Tristan barely escapes Acre alive. On his way to the port city of Tyre, he is set upon by bandits only to be rescued by a young King’s Archer, Robard Hode, born in Sherwood Forest near the shire of Nottingham. With Robard at his side and soon enlisting the help of Maryam, a member of the deadly Al Hashshashin (The Assassins), the three reach Tyre only to find the evil Sir Hugh has also escaped from Acre and is waiting for them. He wants the Grail for his own purposes and will stop at nothing to get it.

Narrowly escaping Sir Hugh and with the help of a small but ferociously brave dog, our heroes brave dungeons, sword fights, sieges, shipwrecks, evil knights and secret agents of the King all in an attempt to preserve the most precious relic known to mankind. Pick up your copy of the first book The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail today!