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The Buzz on Killer Species: Out For Blood!

So the weather outside is frightful. But a new Killer Species book is so delightful. Especially when it’s the next book in the Killer Species series, Out For Blood. And its in flapping its OutForBloodway to bookstores everywhere on February 25th! What strange and evil critter has the devilish Dr. Catalyst cooked up this time?

I’ll tell you!

Each time Dr. Catalyst has tried to introduce a genetically altered creature to save the environment, he has only created more problems. Now he is out to show the world what happens when an invasive species arrives and threatens another native of the local ecosystem. Only this time the species being threatened is man.

Dr. Catalyst has decided to give everyone a glimpse of what happens when an invasive species threatens human beings. He has genetically engineered a creature he refers to as a “Blood Jackets,” a particularly deadly combination of Vampire Bat and Bald Faced Hornet. When the Blood Jackets are released into the wild near Florida City they reign havoc on the civilian population.

One again Calvin and Emmet must race to find a way to stop Dr. Catalyst. And this time Dr. Catalyst is turning the tables. He is coming after Emmet and Calvin directly. And he won’t stop until he gets them. And in the middle of action, Calvin mysteriously disappears. Has he fallen into Dr. Catalyst’s clutches, or is he on the trail of a clue that might lead to real identity of the mad scientist?

You’ll find out when you pick up your copy of Killer Species: Out For Blood. It’s on sale February 25, 2014. And you can pre-order a copy of Killer Species: Ultimate Attack! book four in the series! It will be on sale June 24, 2014 everywhere that books are sold. WindyCIty

And while you’re at the bookstore, you can also pick up a copy of I,Q: The Windy City co-written with my buddy Roland Smith. Q and Angela have just barely escaped another disastrous encounter with the ghost cell in San Antonio, Texas. Now as the Match tour makes its next stop in Chicago. And as the game of cat and mouse continues, Q and Angela determine there is a traitor in their midst. And if they can’t find out who it is, Boone, Croc and the rest of the S.O.S team could face certain death. Pick up your copy today!

Your authorness,


Michael P. Spradlin

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