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THE WALKING DEAD! A Running Diary…

10:01 Okay. Shooting the little girl Zombie. That’s an early indication this ain’t no ordinary TV show. A pretty powerful opening scene. He killed her graveyard dead.

10:05 Scene in the cop car. A very good indication that this series will be character driven. Listening to the two cops talk to each other, reminded me of an Elmore Leonard novel. Cops talking like cops with the ‘cop view’ of the world. Slightly cynical about life and relationships, but holding out hope that they can do something to help the world. That is what cops, at least good ones, do and sound like at least in my opinion and in the research I’ve done for some of my books.

10:11 The car chase. This can tell you a lot about what to expect from a movie or TV show. Yes a car chase is a ‘cliché’ but they happen. And this one was pretty elaborately staged for a TV show. Frank Darabront is all over this, you can tell. Although the cops are pretty bad shots. I’m always amazed by this. Although statistics bear it out. More shots are fired and miss their intended targets in gun battles by a huge percentage over shots that do hit the target. Except for snipers of course.

10:14 So far very faithful to the book.walkingdeadcompendium

10:15 Although, I’m disappointed that Grace Park is not in this show. If you read my running diary of the first episode of the Hawaii 5-0 reboot, you’d know why.  I think Grace Park would even look good as a Zombie. I think this theory should be tested.

10:14 My mother-in-law has a spoon collection. She gave it to my son. We’re not sure why.

10:17 Are you dvr or tivoing this? Will you watch in online? I wonder what the ratings will be for the first night real time viewers and how many people TiVo because they’re at Halloween parties? Or having Halloween Parties where everyone is watching.

10:18 Aside from the little girl at the beginning how long before we see a Zombie? It’s been almost twenty minutes, is that good or bad? Can’t decide.

10:19 Something is behind the chain door. We’re going to see some pretty soon I think. Oops. ZOMBIE FINGERS. Creepy! A homage to Signs, perhaps?

10:21 Rick is shown Stepping from the darkness into the light. A metaphor for what?

10:22 Did you notice that only one of the corpses lying on the ground had been double tapped? And we have an ALWAYS DOUBLE TAP T-shirt for sale? What a coincidence! I’m just sayin’…

zombie-makeup-the-walking-dead10:24 Yes WAY COOL ZOMBIE with no legs! AWESOME with a capital AWE!

10:25 One thing I’ve always wondered. In the book and here in the show, Rick is locked inside the hospital. But the chains on the door are on the inside. Who locked him in? The dead nurse? Did she turn? Did she commit suicide? If she didn’t commit suicide why didn’t she try to eat him?

10: 26 Shovel to the head. Okay. Ow. The bad day just suddenly got worse.

10:29 First commercial break. Maybe Grace Park will be in the next half of the show.

10:39 Okay, Rick and the others peeking out the windows and seeing the Zombies prowling around is just eerie. Watching the mother come up to the door, was a real punch in the gut.

10:40 Why do the horror conventions like the turning doorknob creep us out so much? Is it the idea of the terror that waits on the other side? The unknown? The flimsy protection the locked door offers? A classic trope but effective. ‘

10:43 And of course we know that going to Atlanta is a really, really bad idea.

10:45 Assuming a Zombie apocalypse happens. You have a food source, weapons and secure place to live. But you have no electricity or power. What would you miss the most? Cooking? Computers? The Internet? Star Trek Reruns? This is an important question to ponder.

10:46 For some reason I find a Cadillac commercial in a show about a Zombie Apocalypse wildly ironic. Yep, when I running for my life from the undead hoards, I’ll stop at the Caddy dealer for a test drive. An ad for Remington Shotguns would be more appropriate I think.

10:47 Are you going to enter the contest to be a Zombie on the show? I know I am.

10:52 If you are in a Zombie Apocalypse, I think a police station is a pretty good place to go to. Weapons. Independent power source. Plus less likelihood of it being filled with Zombies since the cops should be out trying to contain the unrest.

10:57 Could you do it? Could you end the life of your wife, husband lover child, parent who had turned? Even if you knew they would eat you at the first chance they had?

11:04 So far an extremely faithful adaptation of the Graphic Novel. Bravo. The best Zombie films or stories are not about the Zombies so much as the impact of the disaster on the characters. How do you maintain your humanity when everyone around you is losing theirs? Or something.

11:10 The Zombies are going to eat the horse. You just know it.

11:12 A crowded highway full of dead cars. Or as I like to call it, Zombie Obstacle course.

11:20 I think this is going to end badly for the horse. And Rick if he’s not careful. Although probably not since he’s in the previews of the next episode.

11:21 They look hungry.

11:23 A little claustrophobic in the tank I think, but a pretty cool scene.

11:24 Another question that has always puzzled me. Why don’t Zombies, who thirst for human brains and or flesh, eat each other? Wouldn’t a breakout of the virus just turn into a giant eat-a-thon? Wouldn’t there eventually be just one Zombie left. And if you could avoid them for as long as took all the infected to eat each other, you’d only have to kill one Zombie. Why does no one ever mention this. I think I should forward this thesis to the Department of Mobile Cadaver Containment. Oh, wait. That’s me. And we have the shirts to prove it. cadaver_control

11:30 My verdict! FANTASTIC! What did you think? Let’s discuss. I think we have a lot of Zombie Goodness to look forward too!

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