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You Never Know Who Might Pick Up A Copy Of Your Book

Recently I attended the Kentucky Book Fair. I was very surprised and quite pleased to find my favorite President enjoying a copy of The Youngest Templar! Given the enormity of the situation I asked the President if I could interview him for my blog. At first, he wondered why he would choose to be interviewed in a swamp, but after explaining blogs to him, he readily agreed to answer a few of my questions.

Q. Mr. Lincoln, you were known as a tremendous reader, did you enjoy The Youngest Templar?

Lincoln: Honest, I did! It was very freeing. Honest Abe enjoys the Youngest Templar

Q. Mr. Lincoln, would you recommend The Youngest Templar to others?

Lincoln: I would recommend that everyone buy four score and seven copies of this book.

Q. That’s a lot of books. What did you enjoy most about the book?

Lincoln: Well, Tristan, the main character reminds me a lot of General U.S. Grant. He fights.

Q. Mr. President is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers about The Youngest Templar?

Lincoln: Only that buying a copy today would be malice toward none and charity for all. Or at least the author.

Thank you Mr. President!

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